Every great book that exists today was rejected by some editor .
Except maybe the Bible


A poam i made up

Is it right to wast your life thinking about what you could have done?

why not go out in the world and take the chance with some

Winter may come  and go but the passing of time is so so

Time gos by every year

We think we have forever to see it but as we think time gos by

Lets not waist time thinking about how much time we have

Time is precious  lets use it wisely while we can

Life is like a uncompleted puzzle.

Every day you do a little more every day you make a little progress.

As time gos bye you see it come into shape.

Sometimes all you can do is stare at the peaces wondering why the peaces you thought were right were in fact wrong.

There are some days when you don’t get anywhere at all.

Then there are the rare times when you find peaces that fit that you did not expect to fit .

Sometimes you feel like quitting but you walk by and see the few peaces left and even if they look hard and all the same colors you see there are only a few peaces left.

The last step is up to you.

Will you finish it those last few peaces or will you give up and put it all back in a box  and say no its to hard I will never get it done.

If you chose the latter you will feel the failer of not completing those last few peaces  and every time you look at that box you will remember You  got that far and You  gave up.

Don’t be the one who puts the last most difficult peaces back in the box be the person who says there are only a few more peaces I will finish everything and feel accomplished about myself .

Because doesn’t it feel good to find a peace that fits ? Doesn’t it feel good to have gotten that far don’t you want to feel better then good don’t you want to feel great !

Think about that before you decide no it is to hard.

Remember the last peaces will always be the hardest.

itss been a while

i have been neglecting this blog but i will get back to using it  i feel i need someplace to pour out my feelings so I am using this place

Mom  took  my sister and I to big boy to celebrate me getting my diploma and graduating from high school

I have my high school diploma!

I am smiling big as I can.

My heart  is jumping for joy

If I was allowed to I would dance and sing around the house!

I didnt think I would pass.

God works in misterous ways

I passed! I passed! I passed!




jump with me i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo

Happy man no words I am happy