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Cinnamon cookies

Cinnamon cookies!

2. 1/8th cup of flour.

1/2 tsp salt.

2 tsp ground Cinnamon.

1 cup of butter.

1 cup sugar.

2 eggs.

2 tsp vanilla.

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup of milk.

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

Add the egg and vanilla.

Stir in the dry ingredients alternating with the milk until smooth.

Preheat oven to 375F. Grease two cookie sheets bake until lightly colored about 10 minutes.

Transfer to a rack to cool.


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Beanie babys!

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Banana cookies

Banana Cookies!

four cups of flour.

3 tsp baking powder.


2 tsp cinnamon.

1. tsp Nutmeg.

1.tsp  ginger.


1 tsp vanilla

2 egg.

1/2 cup dark brown sugar.

1/2 cup vegetable oil.

six small bananas.

1/2 cup of milk.

Sift together all the dry ingredients and set aside.

with an eletric mixer beat the bananas until mashed.

Beat in the eggs sugar oil and vanilla.

Add the dry ingredients then with a wooden spoon fold in with milk.

Preheat oven to 375.F

Bake for 20 minutes.

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Today I woke to the sound of alarm bells it was 7;30 but no one was up yet so I thought t myself “ill just be in bed a little longer but first I have to go to the bathroom”. So I got out of my warm bed and hurried to the bathroom which is only a few feet away from my room my room is the closest.  I went and hurried back to my bed .Then I listened to music all the while wondering why I had two cuts on either side of my mouth? I had been drinking enough water it must be the cold and they hurt every time I opened my mouth but I decided not to think on that as I listened to my music. Then it was 8;00 and Dad came to get me out of bed so I got up weighed myself  and today is our Thanksgiving so I tried to thank him  as I got dressed and hurried down stairs. Took my computer down as well and turned it on then went to the kitchen. Nothing was ready yet so I waited a bite with Meli we shared a piece of bread as dad came down then we turned on  the heaters. Thank you daddy as Dad made us his special coffee! Meli had to go for cherries walk and Anita wasn’t down yet as always .So I ended up drinking the coffee on my own I didn’t want to but it would get cold and I had it in my hands so I drank it then Meli came back she also drank her coffee as we waited for Anita to start our devotions and started talking about the movie we had seen last night and the downfall of being a Disney actor about Miley Cyrus  then dad told us about another girl who acted in many famous movies and who also had a hard life and one movie she acted in called Fire starter about the government who gave drugs to this one family who had nothing and the drug made them breath fire! I thought that was cool. Then finally Anita came down in my cloths again she made me blink a few times she looked so pale .Anyway at 9 we started word time .This time it was all about miracles and raising from the dead healing from impossible situations etc. I thought it was pretty amazing and I would love to be able to do things like that. After word time mom sent Meli Anita and I out to go and buy bread at the Store but first we went and got all the fans from upstairs and brought them down to the wood deck there weren’t that many and it was done then we went to get the bread. Came home exchanged photos.Then started school while mom and Dad started making Thanksgiving dinner.Around 12;30 I went for a walk came back around 1;00 and continued school. Then at 2;00 did exercise until2;40 .Then went for a walk, got back at 4;00. Then we cleaned up the house while our Turkey was smoking .And helped make last minute preparations and cleaned the house.Then at 5;15 we got ready to go down to dinner .Dressed nicely and did our makeup and went down stares. By then it was 6 ;15 .The Turkey wasn’t ready yet so we set the table and Martian came to dinner.While we waited we saw a movie called Just encase you were sleeping with Sandra Bullock.The Turkey finished at 7;5 and we sat around the table to eat. We had Turkey , mashed potatoes, cranberries ,gravy ,stuffing and vegetables .Along with grapefruit juice and for desert we had German apple cake and Carmel ice cream.

Sorry didn’t get any pictures we were a bite to busy talking and eating .

But everyone had an enjoyable time.

Hear am I after dinner in pagamas having me time!

Hair and makeup done by my younger sister .

I gave dad and mom a shock when they saw me come into the dinning room I don’t often put makeup on like this.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I for one am thankful for my home  family and friends.

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Carrot Muffins

Carrot muffins


3/4 cup margarine at room temperature

1/2 cup of dark brown sugar firmly packed

1 egg at room temperature

1 tablespoon water

2 cup grated carrots

1.1/4 cup of flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp grated nutmeg

1/2 tsp salt.

with an electric mixture cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.Beat in the egg and water.

Stir in the carrots.Sift over the flour baking powder baking soda Cinnamon,nutmeg and salt stir to blend.

( It was a bit dry so I added a little milk optional of course)

spoon the batter into the prepared cups bake until tops spring back when touched.

35 minuets.

Preheat oven to350F.

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German Apple Cake!

Apple Cake!

Makes one.

Butter 125 grams.

Sugar 125 grams.

Three eggs.

Flour 200 grams

Baking powder 2 tsp.

Salt 1/2 tsp.

Vanilla 1 tsp.

lemon  peals.

Three sour apples would be best!



Cut and core the apples. Then slice the apples into four. Then, with out breaking the apple, cut slices into the apple. Then  lemon peals and add water and soak the apples into the lemon juice..

Cream the  butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

Add the egg one at a time.

Add the vanilla.

Add the flour, baking powder, and salt.

Fold into the batter and alternate with the milk.

Use one pan. Grease it well, then pour the batter into it. Place the apples on top, and sprinkle the Raisins over it.

Preheat oven to 170 F.

Bake until golden, or when cake tester come out smooth and clean.

Leave it for two days before eating. It tastes much better that way.

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Today is DADs 61st birthday . We spent the morning decorating the house while he was working and came back at 2:30 then it was party time! hurray!! Hear is the cake and presents just before it was time to start  .                                               My  two sisters are in the picture. Hear are presents and a snack basket!                         Here is the cake. It is a German apple cake that I made with my mom two days ago. I will put the recipe on my blog later.

A new coffee cup from Starbucks for Dads birthday present.

Here we are : Nana Anita Melissa and the birthday Dad!

MOM and DAD!

DAD lighting his cake!

DAD with coffee and cake.

DAD blowing out candles!

Yum cake time!

present time!                                An Elephant incense burner   incense

Birthday card Glasses holder!

Its a nose!

Deodorant or cologne!

Later on toward the late afternoon 4:00 to be exact we began preparing dinner! Anita and I helped peel potatoes for mashed potatoes and we were going to have Stoflae. After the potatoes we had some free time .Then we all got dressed nicely in dresses and went down and watched a movie called Sweet November. A sad but sweet movie  I recommend you watch it at least once. Then my brother Martin and his girlfriend Reigna came over for the dinner .It was a nice evening and for desert we had chocolate chip Ice cream from Costco. Then we cleaned up and watched Monsters vs Aliens .

It was a very enjoyable day.

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