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Before it ends I would like to say a few things to contribute to 2009.

To begin with it started and now it is ending that’s right for all of those who agree with me 2009 went by very fast but we did so many things and so many things happened during this time.

For me it was losing weight . That was something I was very happy for and made me feel like I had accomplished something.

We began and finished a TV. show called Monk about a Detective Monk we were crazy about it.

Then mom and dad got us new books !Percy Jackson which we are still crazy about and now they are making a movie of it cant wait for it to come out.

Josh and Rima came for a few weeks with little Gwynth

They also got Harry potter which I am not so crazy about .

Journals really old ones which are very interesting.

last but not least the wheel of time which I am still working on to finish I hope to be done soon.

I turned 18 and we had a big Leo celebration at our house Ken and Mikey stayed over at our home for a few days.

At a park!

And of course we traveled a lot Meli and I went to the LIM home .

I went to The FDTP.

The girls went to the JT. camp.

Our cousins came over for a day.DAD turned 61.

I went to Nagoya while the girls went to Shezuoka during Christmas witnessing season to help out and we made lots of new friends and had lots of New experiences.

Meli and Anita.

We had a party at melanies home.

And of course a nice quite Family dinner party on the 27th at our own home.

And we have two more new books!

Really nice stories!

Now we are coming to the end the last day of the year entering into 2010 and leaving 2009 behind we are having are new years Eve celebration now on the 31st. We started off with cleaning the house then we did are own thing on the computer. Mom and I went for a walk while Dad started making more fruit cake. We got back a 4;00 then Anita and I got ready while others showered I dressed up in a dress and came down stairs. We are going to watch a show on T.V called white and Red it is a Japanese music contest and Susain boil was to sing on it. So by 6:00 we were all in the living room settling down for the evening . We ate soba and odune and began the show stopping first to say what we were most thankful for are goals for the New year and prayer.Then we began watching the show from the beginning to the End! Eating little snacks like appetizers and Dad brought out his Fruit cake and mom ice cream! When the show ended sometime close to 12 we watched the countdown champagne bottle ready the cork almost popping out already as Meli held it!  We watched the countdown on T.V with the band Exile and when it was done we popped the cork and shouted Happy New Year and toasted to 2010 .Oh I forgot when 2010 came on T.V Exile did a song about a train and Dad Mom and Anita got up and started dancing about while Meli and I watched and laughed then Dad took the stage and did some interesting moves and made us all laugh! A happy beginning to the New Year.Then we watched the last Samurai together and all went to bed around3:30.

Here are some photos from New Years Eve.

Hope this year will be even better then last year with new things and experiences.


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This year went by fast in my opinion  so I will try to do my best this coming year to make the most of the months that come by and not waist a day as it gos by because the days are getting shorter as are the months.

So hear are some things I would like to achieve this year. (They are sort of like restitution and goals together).

1.Grow closer to the lord and his word. Trust the lord more.

2.Finish up all my school.Take childcare and baking lessons as well as learn to cook.

3. Find a way to earn my own money.

4.Grow up and be less sensitive. Be a better sample. Learn to take correction better and ask more often. Become more responsible.

5. Learn to ball room dance.

6.lose 4kelos. with the lords help.

(My Prayer For The New Year.)

Dear Jesus this last year went by very fast Time is getting shorter but I am still hear! But almost grown up, two more years and I will be 20! Wow I know I shouldn’t be thinking that far but it is bugging me time is running out and I don’t feel fulfilled I want to do something for you something special I know you have a plain for my life so please guide me through this new year help me to make it through  this year and fill happy and accomplished amen.


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Well to start off I got to travel to many different places. Starting off with the old LIM , the FDTP ,then to Nagoya to help with Christmas witnessing and shows. This year we had a party for Leos at our home I turned 18! I experienced my first real break up and broken heart as well as break down which I wasn’t thankful for then but am now.And for Christmas we went to Jeffs home for a party plus had a nice quit one at home. Got lots of nice presents for and from others all in all I think the lord blessed me well this year he always dose every year and will continue to do so as we move into 2010.

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Just made a face book account with a little help from Anita and have gone through most of the afternoon looking for friends and asking them to be my friends. Lots of friends have signed up with me how happy I am. Hope to make new friends  and better ones as well.

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Well today we were having a small Christmas dinner with just our family .Nice and relaxing time and Maritn and Rena would be coming over so we were all excited about it we all pitched in to make dinner I pealed apples for apple cake and helped to make it as well, then I vacuumed the living room floor and wiped and set the table nicely.Then we waited and had a little appetizer before the dinner  then I had a shower got dressed up and came downstairs Maritn and Rena had arrived and we sat around the table enjoying ourselves until mom said it was dinner.Then we sat around the table there was Turkey, carrots ,corn ,tomatoes, and cabbage as well as gravy and potatoes.And for desert apple cake and fruit cake . Well then we all sat around the table talking and laughing when suddenly without warning I began to have honorably bad stomach and back pains ! Not now I thought not in front of everyone and on this evening on top of it I tried ignoring it for a few mints but it only got worse and soon headaches started joining in. I finally got up and left the room mom telling me to go to bed by then all I wanted was to lie down I felt sick and in horrible pain so I went up and lay down tried to sleep but could not find any comfortable position so I decided to go to the ofuroo hot water always helped a bite I think I might have dozed of in the tub so when I realized that I quickly got out and dressed to go back up stairs I lay down again and I think I might have slept of and on not in deep sleep but of and on don’t remember much about the rest of the night except waking up once feeling sick and about to throw up which I did .The next morning I felt no better so I was in bed all day  and in such pain all day the day went by with me trying to find comfortable positions and dozing of and on finally more toward the evening I got out of bed and went down still had cramps but my back pain had dulled so I came down and watched Indiana Jones the last crusade with the rest of the family laughed a few times which hurt my cramps but all in all my evening ended enjoyably now it is the 29th I am out of bed and dressed still have cramps all over my stomach but no more back pain thank the lord if I take it easy today maybe it will be gone by this evening. Please lord do it for me.

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Christmas day!

Merry Christmas everyone . I woke up today at900: but because I was so tired I stayed in bed till 12:00. Then went down stares had coffee and went back upstairs and had word time with meli . Read some Christmas stuff from HIM. Then we updated our blogs.at 1:30 I went for a jog and came back around 2:00. Then we continued updating our blogs. At 3:30 we went downstairs and had a small BBQ of stake meat and afterward roasted marshmallows. Ended at 5:00 cleaned up then I went to my room and took photos and updated my blog. After that we finished watching Lord of the Rings something wee do every Christmas. Watch the whole thing to the end ether on Christmas or New years.And feasted on our Christmas stocking snacks mostly chocolate. I finished mine gasp! All that chocolate in me and marshmallows and ice cream !I am still sugar high not sleepy at all ! Oh dear  I wonder if I will be able to sleep? or if today will be like yesterday? hum? I hope not I slept in to long today.  But it is Christmas and the holidays might as well enjoy myself   while it lasts.took a bath and now am in my bed typing my blog it was a wonderful  Christmas day!

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Okay, so we got back from the party at 1:00 – stuffed, but a bit sick, but too happy to care. Then, we made the room cosy for opening presents, and all had a glass of kids champagne. Then, we began to open presents.

The Christmas tree and presents! This was what the Christmas tree looked like in the morning.

And of course, when I came back from Nagoya, Aunty Joan gave three of us (Me, Melissa, and Anita) presents, all wrapped the same. The presents were hard, and of course we had to wait till Christmas to open them. Can you guess what was inside? Two apples, one orange, a chocolate bell on the wrapping, and two bars of chocolate inside. And, organic lip cream. That’s Aunty Joan for you!

After that, we all headed off to our rooms to sleep. But, Me and Melissa were so sugar high from so many pies and cookies and chocolate! So we were in my room together, updating our blogs until 4:30! Then our brains began to slow down, but we still weren’t tired! At least I wasn’t. Melissa headed off to sleep at 4:30. I tried, but even lying down and closing my eyes, I couldn’t sleep, and usually when you’re tired you don’t tap your feet at the bottom of the bed, or wiggle them. You just lie still, at least with me. But the funny thing was, I was doing exactly that! And I don’t know when I stopped, but I woke up in the morning at 9:00, and couldn’t get out of the bed until 12:00.


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