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Crocodile Dundee!

This movie really makes me laugh!


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Jurassic Park

This movie creates tension.

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Must love dogs!

This romantic comedy was really funny!

I really like these kinds of romantic comedies!

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We are getting a lot of Carrots recently and I am munching away on them yum yum I love Carrots.

And I made two Carrot cakes that got eaten in a flash!

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Maid of Honor !

This movie with Patrick Dempsey  is really cute!

He is really cut in this movie!

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Harry Potter!

We are watching all of them now!

Watched the first three already!

Daniel Radcliffe makes a great Harry  potter!

From part three it gets darker and a bite less like a child’s story!

Its all in movies!

They changed the image of the beginning of the credits  from gold to darker silver.

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fun photos!

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