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So she is gone.

I thought she would be staying longer and she was going to but her friend called from Singapore and she made plans to go there for the rest of her two weeks.

So she is gone and it 7:4 in the morning I don’t know if I will be able to go back to sleep with my weird body clock and all but I was the one who woke up and wanted to say goodbye to Amy.

Actually the alarm woke me up then I couldn’t go back to sleep so I drank my coffee and had toast now I am sitting by my computer typing this post .



Amy has rich parents that allow her to travel a lot.

In my case I wouldn’t be able to just hop from one country to the next .

If I had planned to go somewhere for two weeks I would have to stick to that plan no matter what.

I wouldn’t be able to change my plans at the last moment.

It is just not heard of in the place I come from .

Any way She is gone now it has been a fun week but now I will go back to my quite life of reading and typing from books and slowly wait out the week for my birthday!


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Today I stayed home and exercised and read lord of the rings while Meli went for her tests.

Around 10:00 Dad took Amy to meet up with mom and they toured the rest of Kyoto before the day was over .

They got back around 5:30ish and we had dinner around 7:00 .

Today was windy but still hot it seemed to get hotter as the evening got closer.

Now we are all in Amy’s room on our computers waiting for Meli to finish her dishes and take cherry out so that we can do something together.

Meli is done but she has taken Amy away to tell her something privet .

later on we watched star wars  with Amy she had never seen it before and we started from part four and we were all three of us swooning over Han Solo

Harison Ford!

Amy didn’t realize it was him till we told her

It was really fun to watch with her.

It will be sad to see her go she has been so much fun.

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