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And yes these are all cakes!


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Food and fun!

Here are some photos of the food and fun  we have had these two days!

We had mango pie

The next day while watching LOST We ate Cinnamon roles.

During this time we also went to the new store and walked about  we got a snack of crapes and chocolate milk which I don’t have pictures of because it was taken with the phone.

But mom got roses and here is a picture of them.

Other movies we saw Atlantis 2.

Today we went to Costoco on the way there we stopped so Dad could go do his weddings and we went to the electronic store and used the I. pad. there.

I didn’t get it but I think Meli said she got it !

That was fast.

Then we went yo Mac Donolds and there waited until Dad finished his weddings and had some bonding time with Mom.

Then we went to Costoco and did our shopping I took some photos on the way.

Some are interesting so I will post them.

After the shopping we got pizza and bolcongie for our dinner.

Then we headed home.

After unpacking and cleaning up we watched Fantastic 4.

Now I am getting ready to turn things off and go to bed.

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Photos of the food we made

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Today we had an okonomiakie party!

We made a whole bunch and ate them.

Then we helped dad make mango pie and ate it in the evening as we watched Finding Never land

it was a really sweet cute movie!

And the pie was really good too

I will post pictures of  the food later when I have the chip.

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Intolerable cruelty

We saw this movie  two days ago and again I was to lazy to post it on my blog!

But I am now and it was also a really funny movie I liked it a lot.

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Up in the Air

I cant believe I forgot to post this!

I have been wanting to see it since it came out and finally  did a few days ago but I forgot to put it on my blog so I will now. Although it is a few days late.

I really liked it.

I thought it it was really funny.

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Yes they will so I want to post as much as i can about the fun things we do in the day no matter how small they are

for example yesterday  We watched lost then went out to have a parfaie at big boy all together that was fun  thank you mom and dad for taking us out. And in the evening we watched Mr.Incredible

So much fun don’t you all agree.

These days we have to wait until the evening to do anything because it is hot we are stuck inside the house but I hope we can still do lots of fun things before the holidays are over.

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