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Hello all I guess some of you may be wondering where I have been

Well I have been sick with a migraine  and earache and a cough since Wednesday afternoon.

I am better now and will get back into my life instead of lying in bed which I have been doing for the past five days.

Right now I am craving ice cream  and chocolate.

And I need to work on reviewing for my last test.

Sigh its back to my life.

No more lying about and doing nothing.


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i am feeling a bit run down

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Ok we are now home it is the next morning and I am tired and wiped I hope I am not getting sick too that would be the worst well I should get up and get on with the day if dad hasn’t cleaned already I need to put that on my list of things to do I hope I have a good day

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Where was I ? I was at the macivors places for two days so I was busy with frends also there internet connection was so slow so just decided not to be on line it was a lot of fun but time flew by so fast especially if you are talking it gos faster

But we had fun and now we are home and will get back to normal .

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We watched this last night

it is the funniest move ever

and i love Colin Firth he is the funnest and i love the fight scenes they are hilarious


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We saw this last night .

I really liked this movie

it was really fun and funny

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I made these apple Banana muffins

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