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Meli left back to Tokyo.

and things are going back to normal.

I hope at lest..

I have taken my test now the results are waiting to come.

I pray that that they  are good results.

Gosh i am so nervous  I tell you if i get a honorable grad on my math test i will cry.

i know i sound like a baby but i will


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Its a very warm day

Meli is back for a few days and we are going to have a barbecue and eat pie and other Yummys .

can hardly wait

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There is some new cake at Starbucks the cake is a nice sponge cake but the cream on top is some sort of weird new flavor I can’t describe but it is not that great of a taste

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I am out with mom
We dropped Anita off at her dance rehearsal and now we both are out in town

just had a frapachno
At Starbucks
Waiting for mom to finish hers

My phone is acting weird it turns off by itself
It’s such a bother

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happy family birthday

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just watched this

I love Audrey  Hepburn

She is one of my favorite actresses.


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