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I am exhausted but it was a great day.

Thank you Mom for taking us today.

Cheers for me I went on most of the roller coasters with the girls .

Dad making us omelets before we leave we are so sorry Dad couldn't come. Thank you dad!

on our way it was a foggy morning.

We are all sucking on candy.

We made it around ten the first picture of our adventure.

Look how steep it is !

snack time!

Going on.

Going upside down and all around.

picture time !

fun fun fun

We are up in lifts in the air all eating candy

Frisbee in the sky! ahh

one of my favorite rides

This ship gos upside down!

This is from up in the lifts i like this picture

This man did a show with fire and in the End swallowed it.

this roller coaster went in a circle i had my eyes shut the whole time

I will always be tall enough to go on rides

A Ghost house! They are supposed to jump out and scare you!We got in a few steps but Meli refused to go in saying she was scared! Honestly she scared me so much the the little bravery I had to go in was washed away by her fear. So we ended up not going in

Viking ship!

We are having so much fun!

We must always go on the marry go round

up in the lift energy level is going down

A train

Out and on our way to the mall to get something to eat ! So tired and hungry.

From the parking lot



Last picture of the day


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fun photos!

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I Love you Anita happy 14th birthday!

Best wishes for the new year of being in your teens!

I hope today will be a day for you to remember .

we celebrated with cake and Ice cream around 3:00  and we all said nice things about her are dear Anita who has turned into a big girl of 14teen.

Hear are some pictures of the cake and presents and of Dear Anita.

After cake and celebration we all went to my room for girl time and watched  About Steve.

Once again Happy Birthday Dear Anita I hope your year will be happy with many happy memories .

I hope you like the gifts we got you.

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I found some signs that are really honest!

Have a look.

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Hear are some weird and funny photos I found.


Who is mowing the lawn!

This one was so right they got the photo at the very right moment.

They seem to be happy when things blow up.

This one was just funny

This one was really weird but funny.

look how did they ever get such a good shot

that guy really likes stiking out!

Ok that is just really weird

Come on you have to laugh at this!

Baby in a handbag! Get it?

Look who is following the pope !Where are the Jedie?

Look at these Nuns!

Not good camaflage!

Look who is in the car!

This is something you dont see every day!


What a sighn!

Why would anyone write this?

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Pizza fun!

Today Mom and Dad went to Costoco.

While they wee gone I went for a walk and listened to pride and prejudice.

When I came home I did  Exercise then by five the girls and I went down stairs to make pizza dough.

I took pictures.

Hear are the girls hard at work!

Then when the dough was made we had to leave it for thirty minutes.

By then Mom and Dad came back and we helped unpack.

Seiko and I helped package meat into bags and after that wee cut up cheese and olives and other toppings for our pizza.

Hear is the risen dough!

After stuffing ourselves with pizza we played Rummicube and guess who won why Anita off course and like always I came so close to winning but never do.

Then after the news We watched the closing ceremony off the Olympics.

And then we watched the movie the spy next door of which I will post on the next post.

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Today I started off with writing my story.

Then we had lunch then I went for a walk .

Came back just as  the girls were about to bake for the last time with Seiko.

Hear are some photos!

We even put our initials on the cookies.

While we waited for them to cook we played Rummicube it has become our game to play while Seiko is hear.

Meli was going on and on that we had to play telling Anita who was reading while waiting her turn that if she did not play all the games she wouldn’t get any cookies off course Anita won again and I ended up with almost winning starting off good but flopping in the End.

The cookies tasted different from last time a lot less sweet and fluffier I think because we used more flour and butter then the other ones .

Look at these greedy hands!

They were sweeter and crisper but they were yummy all the same.

Thank you Seiko and Melissa!

Then the Girls  played ping pong! and I who have not played in like years actually wasn’t that bad!

And hear is Anita doing what she dose best!

Now I am typing my blog while the girls are doing something on the computer!

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