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I am exhausted but it was a great day.

Thank you Mom for taking us today.

Cheers for me I went on most of the roller coasters with the girls .

Dad making us omelets before we leave we are so sorry Dad couldn't come. Thank you dad!

on our way it was a foggy morning.

We are all sucking on candy.

We made it around ten the first picture of our adventure.

Look how steep it is !

snack time!

Going on.

Going upside down and all around.

picture time !

fun fun fun

We are up in lifts in the air all eating candy

Frisbee in the sky! ahh

one of my favorite rides

This ship gos upside down!

This is from up in the lifts i like this picture

This man did a show with fire and in the End swallowed it.

this roller coaster went in a circle i had my eyes shut the whole time

I will always be tall enough to go on rides

A Ghost house! They are supposed to jump out and scare you!We got in a few steps but Meli refused to go in saying she was scared! Honestly she scared me so much the the little bravery I had to go in was washed away by her fear. So we ended up not going in

Viking ship!

We are having so much fun!

We must always go on the marry go round

up in the lift energy level is going down

A train

Out and on our way to the mall to get something to eat ! So tired and hungry.

From the parking lot



Last picture of the day


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Christmas day!

Merry Christmas everyone . I woke up today at900: but because I was so tired I stayed in bed till 12:00. Then went down stares had coffee and went back upstairs and had word time with meli . Read some Christmas stuff from HIM. Then we updated our blogs.at 1:30 I went for a jog and came back around 2:00. Then we continued updating our blogs. At 3:30 we went downstairs and had a small BBQ of stake meat and afterward roasted marshmallows. Ended at 5:00 cleaned up then I went to my room and took photos and updated my blog. After that we finished watching Lord of the Rings something wee do every Christmas. Watch the whole thing to the end ether on Christmas or New years.And feasted on our Christmas stocking snacks mostly chocolate. I finished mine gasp! All that chocolate in me and marshmallows and ice cream !I am still sugar high not sleepy at all ! Oh dear  I wonder if I will be able to sleep? or if today will be like yesterday? hum? I hope not I slept in to long today.  But it is Christmas and the holidays might as well enjoy myself   while it lasts.took a bath and now am in my bed typing my blog it was a wonderful  Christmas day!

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Okay, so we got back from the party at 1:00 – stuffed, but a bit sick, but too happy to care. Then, we made the room cosy for opening presents, and all had a glass of kids champagne. Then, we began to open presents.

The Christmas tree and presents! This was what the Christmas tree looked like in the morning.

And of course, when I came back from Nagoya, Aunty Joan gave three of us (Me, Melissa, and Anita) presents, all wrapped the same. The presents were hard, and of course we had to wait till Christmas to open them. Can you guess what was inside? Two apples, one orange, a chocolate bell on the wrapping, and two bars of chocolate inside. And, organic lip cream. That’s Aunty Joan for you!

After that, we all headed off to our rooms to sleep. But, Me and Melissa were so sugar high from so many pies and cookies and chocolate! So we were in my room together, updating our blogs until 4:30! Then our brains began to slow down, but we still weren’t tired! At least I wasn’t. Melissa headed off to sleep at 4:30. I tried, but even lying down and closing my eyes, I couldn’t sleep, and usually when you’re tired you don’t tap your feet at the bottom of the bed, or wiggle them. You just lie still, at least with me. But the funny thing was, I was doing exactly that! And I don’t know when I stopped, but I woke up in the morning at 9:00, and couldn’t get out of the bed until 12:00.


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On the way home, it was late. We started home around 11 and got back around 1. So we ended up having our first Christmas in our car. That was different. We all cheered, said “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and then we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Then we said what sorta presents we gave him this year. In the end, Melissa prayed a sweet Christmas prayer.

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Christmas Eve

Today we woke up with mom on the intercom shouting “MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!” Well, it woke ME up at least. I wonder if the others woke up too. I went down in my PJs for the first time. I usually get dressed first. Downstairs was nice and warm. Dad made us coffee. ( I haven’t had any for the longest time. Two weeks to be exact.) And then he made some nice soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Then, the girls went shopping with mom and I went for a walk with dad. We both came back at the same time. Well, the girls a little bit before. Then we got ready for the party. It took us a few hours to get ready. Then, before we left the house, we took some Christmas photos.

Then after photos we went to the McCivors for a Christmas party at their new house. A very nice, big house. They just moved in so they were still cleaning and unpacking PLUS cooking Christmas dinner. So, when Kaylee came back I told her I would help her clean up her messy room. We worked together to clean it, and we got it nice and clean. Jeff was very happy that I had come to help. He said I could come back any time to make sure they cleaned their room. Then I went downstairs to see what was going on. Melissa was doing dishes. She is always doing dishes whenever we go visit the McCivors. And I am always talking with Kaylee for some reason. So, seeing that I would just be in the way, I went back upstairs and talked a bit with Anita and everyone in the room. And just when I was starting to admire my handiwork of a clean room, Illiyana drops a big bag of colored balls all over the room and made it messy all over again. Now I usually have patience with little children, but being the sensitive person that I am, and having taken almost an hour and a half in my opinion to clean the room, seeing her ruin everything got me kinda mad deep inside. Fuming more like. So, As to not get angry in front of them, I left the room and went downstairs. By then it was almost dinner time so I just stayed down and helped set the table and finish up the last minute duties. Dinner was great. Celeste is a great cook. Thank you for inviting us. Then, after dinner, we went upstairs into Melanies room to have fun and be foolish. We started off with taking stupid videos on my camera. We took three. Then we took photos. I took lots of them, but Melissa took more on her camera. So Ill just put some on now, and get them from Melissa later. Here goes.


Group shot. Cool pose.

Three best friends.

FOOLISHNESS! all sugar high!

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A Christmas visitor.

The Boyajians have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years. They lost their faith when they lost their son to the Persian Gulf War. Now a stranger has joined them – around the same age the boy would have been. Is he a con artist? Or is this young man the miracle their family has been waiting for. William Devane, Reagan Pasternak and Dean McDermott star in a remarkable story of lose and renewal. This holiday, a stranger will change them forever.

I really liked this movie it was touching and sweet and had a real Christmas spirit .It is good to watch if you have lost someone or are in need of healing spiritually and the importance of family.

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