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Out to the mall with Seiko!

Well today it started of as a rainy day but after breakfast and word time it cleared up and the sun came out I was very happy about that.

Anyway toward the afternoon We got ready to go out to the mall it took us half an hour to get ready then we had to eat lunch and clean up .

We left at two and got there at two thirty we wandered about for a bite then went to the Food Cort and had a snack and took pictures and hear are some of them.

Then after that we headed for the bathroom where we took more pictures.

Ten it was four so we headed to the food Cort to meet Mom while we waited while she got Coffee we got French fries and tones of sauces of different flavors.

After that we all went home tired  but happy back home i did work out with Anita while the girls Did there things after that we spent time together and then it was dinner.

Tonight is shower night and monopoly battle between Meli and Seiko!

Who will wine?who will be the victor?

Well it ended up that we did not play monopoly after all but Me Seiko and Anita did play Rummicube and while are brains were shutting down Seiko won again!

Hip hip huray!

After that Meli updated her blog I sat in a corner waiting for the chance to excuse myselfand go to bed.

And the two girls played ice hocky so so random.

Anyway hear are some pictures of the closing evening.

After that game Anita like the good girl she i8s decided to do some school look mom look at your studious daughter.

Well that should rap it up for now  bye!


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Yesterday for lunch Seiko and Melissa decided to make pink pancakes I watched in the sidelines  giving little odd comments until it was time to eat them.

I must say these did not burn and they were pink on the outside as well as the inside Seikos cooking well she is a good pancake cook.

After pancake and lunch I went for my walk got back at four forty and helped with the londary.

After that had free time until dinner after dinner we all crowed into Melissas room and played Rummicube this time Anita won which is not surprising at all after that I went o bed while the girls stayed up playing Jinsiagame

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last night was movie night so we all settled down to watch part two of Pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest.

We also got fruit cake from dad.

This was so funny I would say a bite funnier then part one although the ending was pretty bad.

But altogether it was enjoyable.

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Yesterday while Mom and Dad were watching something downstairs to my unexpected surprise since it was not movie night we all gathered into the exercise room to watch Pirates or the Caribbean part 1.

Curse of the black Pearl!

After making ourselves comfortable we turned it on.

Johnny Depp is so cool in this movie he can act the fool and still be cool.

I love him and I love every movie he is in .

Any one dare to disagree with me……………………..

Just look at this handsome face girls!

I Love him still.

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Brownies and Barbeque!

Today was a day to releave distress .

Dear Anita needed chocolate for her friends for a Valentines gift!

Although Valentines is way over!

But we put or minds to it and got out the cookbook.

Then  Seiko  Meli  and I made the Brownies and hear they are.

After  the Brownie experience we had lunch.

Then had a short game or Rummicube to which Seiko won again!

Then we all headed out for a walk for our exercise and her are some photos of our walk.

After our walk we came home and hung about a bite on our computers.

Then JJT.

After which we waited until Mom called us down to help out with setting up outside for the BBQ.

We had Beef ,Rice , Mutton, Peppers, Asparagus ,Pumpkin, Eggplant, Orange juice, and Kkimuchie and at the end roasted Marshmallows!

Mine went up in flames literally!

It was fun!

Our first BBQ of the year!

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Today was an ordinary day and very warm after a morning of school we decided to make pizza while it was cooking we watched the woman’s Ice skating .

After lunch it was still really warm so Mom took us to the park where we took lots of fun pictures.

Posing for juice commercials.

Why is Anitas head there?

look at the lighting on this photo!

In a Net!

Fun photos!

Look already cheery bosoms!

Photos and Poses!

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Today  was family day and I went down stirs at 10:30 and Meli and Seiko were already up.

After breakfast and word time we decided to bake cookies!

Snickerdoodles !

These seem to be very popular among us.

It was a team effort  and hear are some photos from our experience.

After We finished   We went to the living room with our cookies and watched the Mens figure skating .

Look at all these excited girls!

I love him he is so handsome even though he dint win.

And Bronze medalist Daisuke Takahashi.

After that we went out for a walk to the park and whole the girls played on swings and practiced cartwheels I went for my walk and hear are some pictures of my walk.and the girls get-out.

Then when I got back to the park the girls had gone home already so I started home and met Meli who was on her bike we got back home almost at the same time,

Then we had hot cocoa and played Jinsiegame.

I came in second and this time I did not go broke and Meli won again!

Then we had dinner of tortillas and corn soup.

And Seiko and Meli are now playing Neo pets.

And I am typing up my blog.

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