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I am exhausted but it was a great day.

Thank you Mom for taking us today.

Cheers for me I went on most of the roller coasters with the girls .

Dad making us omelets before we leave we are so sorry Dad couldn't come. Thank you dad!

on our way it was a foggy morning.

We are all sucking on candy.

We made it around ten the first picture of our adventure.

Look how steep it is !

snack time!

Going on.

Going upside down and all around.

picture time !

fun fun fun

We are up in lifts in the air all eating candy

Frisbee in the sky! ahh

one of my favorite rides

This ship gos upside down!

This is from up in the lifts i like this picture

This man did a show with fire and in the End swallowed it.

this roller coaster went in a circle i had my eyes shut the whole time

I will always be tall enough to go on rides

A Ghost house! They are supposed to jump out and scare you!We got in a few steps but Meli refused to go in saying she was scared! Honestly she scared me so much the the little bravery I had to go in was washed away by her fear. So we ended up not going in

Viking ship!

We are having so much fun!

We must always go on the marry go round

up in the lift energy level is going down

A train

Out and on our way to the mall to get something to eat ! So tired and hungry.

From the parking lot



Last picture of the day


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Iron Man 2

I watched this alone in my room because I was sick when they watched  it .

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be I was preparing just to enjoy Tony Stark but I actually enjoyed the movie too Even if it was a bite dorky as part 2s usually are  but It was fun and I enjoyed it.

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So here I am sitting at my computer drinking my coffee.

It is 7:22 yesterday we finished off by  eating pizza and watching movies we saw  Iron man but  couldn’t finish it  it was a bad copy so we waited for Anita to finish her home work then we watched Up !

But in the end we didn’t finish that ether because Anita had to go to school the next day so we all headed to our rooms  to do computer before bed.

The last day of holidays are over and now we are back to school days.

Time to get started.

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Yesterday around 2 ish Vincent came to study Math at our home.

I made peanut butter cookies and we all had a cookie break.

Then I went for a walk came back . then we had dinner.

After dinner I watched Vincent and Meli start Monopoly but they stopped to watch a movie around 9:00.

We watched Hoodwinked so funny and we all had a laugh.

After that we watched fantastic 4 part two.

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Food and fun!

Here are some photos of the food and fun  we have had these two days!

We had mango pie

The next day while watching LOST We ate Cinnamon roles.

During this time we also went to the new store and walked about  we got a snack of crapes and chocolate milk which I don’t have pictures of because it was taken with the phone.

But mom got roses and here is a picture of them.

Other movies we saw Atlantis 2.

Today we went to Costoco on the way there we stopped so Dad could go do his weddings and we went to the electronic store and used the I. pad. there.

I didn’t get it but I think Meli said she got it !

That was fast.

Then we went yo Mac Donolds and there waited until Dad finished his weddings and had some bonding time with Mom.

Then we went to Costoco and did our shopping I took some photos on the way.

Some are interesting so I will post them.

After the shopping we got pizza and bolcongie for our dinner.

Then we headed home.

After unpacking and cleaning up we watched Fantastic 4.

Now I am getting ready to turn things off and go to bed.

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Today we had an okonomiakie party!

We made a whole bunch and ate them.

Then we helped dad make mango pie and ate it in the evening as we watched Finding Never land

it was a really sweet cute movie!

And the pie was really good too

I will post pictures of  the food later when I have the chip.

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Yes they will so I want to post as much as i can about the fun things we do in the day no matter how small they are

for example yesterday  We watched lost then went out to have a parfaie at big boy all together that was fun  thank you mom and dad for taking us out. And in the evening we watched Mr.Incredible

So much fun don’t you all agree.

These days we have to wait until the evening to do anything because it is hot we are stuck inside the house but I hope we can still do lots of fun things before the holidays are over.

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